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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away. We're here to service you and to ensure that you are completely satisfied We try to respond to emails and messages ASAP. However, please allow 24 - 48 business hours for us to get back to you.

How it Works

We will email you an e-gift card for $150 to with any purchase made directly on our website that is over $5000.

About Delugs

Delugs was launched in 2018 with a small, curated collection of leather straps made using the best quality leather.
Delugs offers a ready stock of handcrafted and custom straps. They provide a range of widths and sizes, catering to the needs of almost all watch collectors.

Why we chose to partner with Delugs

A frequently asked question from our customers is where to get an additional strap for their watch.

Many ask for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to change the look of a watch, the manufacture strap not fitting correctly, or to preserve the condition of the original strap.

Delugs stood out as the place to us for many reasons, some of them being their high-quality leathers in vibrant colors, endless customizable options, as well as plenty of ready-made straps. Their excellent pricing structure and user-friendly website made Delugs the perfect fit for our customers.

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